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The International Glossary of leather terms has been prepared by the International Council of Tanners to serve the needs of the leather-producing industry, of all users of leather and the public using leather throughout the world. Official versions have been produced in five languages; English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

The scope of the Glossary is governed by the following principles:

The terms included are all of potential interest to tanners, and/or their customers, and/or the general public.

Terms, the meaning of which is self-evident (eg. footwear leather, upholstery leather etc.) are not included.

Processing terms are not included, except for a very few terms which it was necessary to define in order to clarify the definition of a type of leather.

Copies of the Glossary are available from the offices of the ICT, priced at £50 (UK pounds) including postage.


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