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In conjunction with the International Council of Hides, Skins & Leather Traders Association, the ICT have agreed Official Contract Forms for use by traders in hides, skins and leather.

International Contract No. 6 – Hides and Skins (Long version). Download

International Contract No. 6 – Hides and Skins (Short form). Download

International Contract No. 7 – Finished Leathers (Long version). Download

International Contract No. 7 – Finished Leathers (Short form). Download

Courtesy of ICHSLTA, these contract forms may be freely downloaded from here, from the ICHSLTA website: website or from the APLF website:

Please note that an e-mailed version DOES NOT form a valid contract, but a faxed, signed version can do so.

Pending any agreement with ICHSLTA on possible amendments to the International Contracts Number 6 and Number 7, the ICT Executive Committee and Council have agreed to issue ICT Guidelines on the purchase of raw materials.  The official, latest version of these ICT Guidelines can be downloaded here, although they may be amended from time to time, subject to further internal ICT discussions. It should be understood that the document is not a revised contract, but guidance for tanners on aspects that they should look to include in their buying contracts with their suppliers.

Pending any future changes to the International Contracts, the ICT Executive Committee has issued Guidelines. This is not a new contract, but it represents suggestions for companies to include in their contracts, as appropriate. Download guidelines

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