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Any national association of leather producers with freely elected officers and which represents a significant proportion of the leather industry in that country is eligible for membership of the ICT, subject to approval at a meeting of the Council.

If your country is not a member of the International Council of Tanners, and you would like to join, contact either the ICT Representative for your region, or ICT Head Office.

Members are invited to meet regularly with their peers in other countries,– including virtually all the most important global producers – at meetings and conferences to share information and experience, and to find solutions to common problems.

ICT acts as a source of information on the global industry, especially on statistics.

ICT is a focus for agreeing common industry positions on issues – such as International Contracts, the methodology for measuring leather, leather terminology. This includes meetings with other industry bodies such as ICHSLTA and IULTCS which have similar and related interests.

ICT can assist individual national associations with specific issues – that may have been already addressed in other member countries.

ICT Membership

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